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You've got to feel for them. All those long months of training...

It is a long time.

Well he Twittered it, didn't he? The chap. The Oxford chappie. He said, "My team went through seven months of hell."

It's a lot of hell to go through. 

"This was the culmination of our careers," he said,  "and you took it from us..." That's what he said to Mr So-Called Anti-Elitist, I-went-to-Public-School Trenton Whatnot.

I should think Trenton felt pretty rotten about that. When he read it. Mind you, I don't see why, just because he went to public school —


Well — just because he went to public school I don't see why that sort of disqualifies his opinion.

It's not funny, Polly.

I wasn't —

This is Britain. This is 2012. Do you not see the significance?

Well, it's the Olympics.

That's right, Polly.

So what?


Well, a chap wants to protest by throwing himself into the Thames...It's not the end of the world. 

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