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Is George Gorgeous?
January/February 2014


You know that musician bloke? You're going to laugh, Dixie, but every time I hear the words "George" and "Osborne", I think of him...

George Michael?

No. Plan B.

George Hamilton? He's not a singer. Boy George? No. Can't be. Errmm . . . George — the one in the Beatles? Except he had a beard. Jimmy Somerville from Bronski Beat? He's not called George. But yes, I can see the resemblance. I suppose. If you ignore the accent, ha ha ha! 

No. Plan B. He's called Plan B.


The singer!

You're talking Greek, sweetheart — Oh! The singer's actually called Plan B? That's very smart! I get the connection now. Because of the "What's — Plan-B?" George Osborne scenario? Anyway the whole point was, he didn't have a Plan B. Is that right? Or he did have a Plan B. He had a Plan A. And he didn't need the Plan B...

Do you think he's attractive?  

Well I think he's a damn sight more attractive than Sebastian Coe. For example.


Who I mention because he's a young Tory and I heard him on the radio this morning. He's gay, isn't he? Also I think he says "pardon".

All right. Never mind him. What about the Notting Hill set? They're straight. Officially. I think. They definitely don't say pardon. David Cameron? Do you fancy him?

Don't be silly.

...Michael Gove...?

Which one's he?

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