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Party Lines
January/February 2010

Times like these, I must say, I'm just grateful I'm a bit-of-a-lefty. Aren't you?

God, yes. Even so — it wasn't a decision we took lightly. The kids' futures and all that...

Well, it's a break with tradition, isn't it?

But times change. So I said to Nigel — and it's not about the cost. Not in this day and age.

Of course not!

The more people — like us, you know what I mean — the more we agree to send our sprogs to these schools, the better the schools become...It's a sort of social responsibility.

A moral obligation, more like!

And it's for the benefit of the kids, too. You look at these sprogs, privately educated from tot-size, and they're so...

Oh, they're awful! My sister's sprogs! Little Lord Fauntleroys!

They prance around in their posh uniforms like the world belongs to them. Mark my words, they'll be mugged. Their parents don't seem to realise that their selfishness is actually ruining their children's chances.

I want my children to be citizens of the world. Not just citizens of some sort of cut-off elite.

I so agree! And yet these parents pay through the nose. Just so they can say they're sending their children to Harrow or what-not. But frankly with so much equality — and everything — does it matter? Nobody cares!

I certainly don't!

Me neither! Nigel went to Cranleigh, of course. Much good it did him. As did Nigel's father...

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