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Party Lines
February 2009

As long as he's happy.


...It just seems so unfair...

It does. After all the effort.

But he's a happy kid. A happy man, I should say. And that's - you know...As a mother, that's absolutely... It's just, after all the work - OK, he didn't make it into Oxford; but these days Newcastle's...


I turn it over and over - could we have done it differently?

No! It's just a tough, tough new world. There simply aren't any jobs!

I suppose...

It's the same with Ollie. Ever since he came down from Bristol. With his £40,000 debt...

And who's going to repay that, I wonder?

He's up in his bedroom tapping away, applying for job after job...Nothing! Emerges every now and then -

To empty the fridge.

I must admit sometimes I wonder if I feel worse about it all than he does...Charlie suggested he do one of those conversion courses. For law...


Actually, he's mumbling about writing a film script...


An allegory about...Western consumerism. Apparently. He hasn't actually started it...

Too busy "applying for jobs".


I got so fed up with Ollie slouching round all day, I pulled every string in the book. Persuaded his wonderful sexy godfather to set him up with an internship at Goldman Sachs, if you please...

But that's fantastic!

You'd have thought...

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February 1st, 2009
11:02 AM
That's the trouble with a good education, when the possibilities are endless, it's often 'angst' that makes the choice.

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