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Of all the things to have a referendum about! What a waste! 

...Has it actually happened yet? Or is it sort of "pending"?

If you're going to have a referendum — at least have it on something we care about. Like — you know...Europe...

NO! Please! Anything but Europe! Colin's boring enough on that subject as it is. I said to him last week — Colin, I sometimes wonder if you care more about the bloody EU than you actually care about me! Your own wife!


That shut him up. For a minute.

Every minute counts! To paraphrase Tesco...All right. Never mind Europe. What about...other things. I don't know...GM food?

I don't think it exists any more. Does it?

Changing the clocks?

Brilliant! Everyone's got an opinion on that. 

Everyone's got the same opinion.

Even better!

Seriously, when you start actually thinking about it, there are so many things we'd all like to have a say on! Stuff we actually agree on!...Inheritance tax...

Ooh — yes!

Airport parking. Cost of. Which is a downright scandal. 

Isn't it just?


Throw away the key!...

Welfare scroungers...


Bankers' bonuses —

Actually, I'm going to have to disagree with you on that —

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