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For instance, over several days in August we had what turned out to be this summer’s Avian Flu story. The war of rhetoric between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-Un was meant to be about to develop at any moment into full-blown nuclear war. Of course I may be speaking too soon and between typing these words and any chance of your reading them we may all have been reduced to a pile of radioactive dust. But I would expect not. Some years ago I observed a military parade in Pyongyang. The screaming emotion of the crowd was — whether staged or not — perhaps the most frightening glimpse of totalitarianism I have witnessed close-up. Nevertheless, I came away fairly confident that while Pyongyang could do a fair amount of damage to Seoul, not many of their rockets would be airborne before the capital that ordered their launch was returned to 1953 levels of rubble.


Hysteria over the events in Charlottesville had better cause. The sight of actual neo-Nazis and white supremacists marching in the US was bad enough. I suppose we all knew the KKK had not disappeared, however much we hoped they were more reduced in number. But the sight of them was made even worse by the certainty that many of those rallying against them were from groups who had spent previous months rampaging across America in recognisably fascistic fashion, inciting the murder of policemen and setting fire to sites, including the campus of Berkeley.

The President’s willingness to condemn violence on all sides was appallingly mistimed, but it was not misinformed. Part of the Left has spent recent years aping what it claims to oppose, and that — coupled with a desire, or tolerance, for mission-creep in calling out the “far Right” — means that people believe the “anti-fascists” less and less. For instance, in the wake of Charlottesville much of the press once again cited the work of the Southern Poverty Law Center. This is a disgraceful institution which has labelled Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Maajid Nawaz as “anti-Muslim extremists” and calls everyone with whom it disagrees (such as churches which oppose gay marriage) “hate groups”. I regard all their pronouncements as junk, and know many others do too. Perhaps it is only when some actual fascists re-emerge that the damage done by “anti-fascists” to their own cause in their wilderness years will become plainest.
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Cameron Tremblay
September 5th, 2017
10:09 PM
Wow...thanks Mr Murray. An excellent article. I often find it easy to get caught up in being reactive. Sometimes, its like watching wrassling (as my grandfather called it). You can see one wrassler use brass knuckles then hide them in his shorts and all the while, you know the referee saw it, but ignores it!

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