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‘It’s pathetic. We’re talking about someone who may become leader of the free world. She could actually be the One with the finger on that big, red button. She’s got the security of the entire human race in her hands — and all the papers can write about is the size of her behind and whether or not she’s had Botox…

Ridiculous, isn’t it. D’you think she has?

Probably. She hasn’t denied it, has she? Whereas she’s absolutely, positively denied having a facelift…I actually think she looks great, by the way.

… Amazing.…Mind you she’s filled out a bit….

She’s not applying to be a supermodel! Give the poor woman a break.

Fair enough. All right… But there’s a point to be made — not by me — but someone could argue that, you know, it might be reassuring to feel that the person with the finger on The Button, as you so rightly put it, had at least enough will power to refuse a banana muffin every now and then. Or whatever.

What about Bill and his fingers?

Oh please! Don’t be disgusting. We don’t want to think about that. Anyway I think she looks fantastic. Give or take a couple of kilos. Absolutely fantastic, for a woman of — what 60? 70? Whatever-she-is. And when you compare it to the way she looked when she was a student — Christ! With the greasy hair and the glasses...

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