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Theresa May: Unlike Trump, she knows where we're going (OGL v.3)

Theresa May’s decision to call a snap general election — just before Standpoint went to press — will surely come to be seen as a stroke of genius. Although it came out of the blue, even for the Westminster lobby, its justification was instantly apparent and her logic irresistible. Indeed, future historians may conclude that it was unavoidable, if only because there was no other way of ensuring that the Prime Minister could carry out what she clearly sees as her overriding purpose: to obey the majority who voted last year to leave the European Union. Britain — and especially England — expects that Mrs May will do her duty.

Compare Theresa May’s clear sense of direction with Donald Trump’s erratic policy shifts and abrupt personnel changes. The President has now been in office for 100 days: a good moment to take stock. To this end, we have assembled experts on both sides of the Atlantic to audit the Trump administration’s foreign and domestic policies. The avalanche of acrimony unleashed by and upon the Trump presidency has made it almost impossible to achieve any degree of objectivity on the subject.

There is still no sign of consensus on Mr Trump. His character and conduct continue to polarise not only Americans, but the whole West, and indeed the rest. However, the US strike on Syria and the subsequent diplomatic offensive against North Korea have served to rally international support at least temporarily. Even Moscow and Beijing seemed taken aback by the speed and decisiveness with which Assad was punished for what he and they must have assumed would be ignored in Washington as merely one more atrocity. The White House and the Pentagon also need to coordinate their plans before they go public. Of course, the more hawkish and interventionist Mr Trump becomes, the more he will galvanise opposition at home and abroad. But friends and foes alike now know that this President does not draw red lines and then allow them to be crossed. Instead, he strikes without warning; and his unpredictability could work to his advantage. He may not yet be a neoconservative, but he has certainly been mugged by reality.

Whereas the jury is still out on the Trump presidency, on Brexit we have at least a provisional verdict. Even before the election announcement, public opinion in Britain had moved decisively in favour of Brexit going ahead. There is little appetite for a second referendum or for a “soft Brexit”; the public overwhelmingly supports Theresa May’s negotiating stance. Like her, the public wants free trade with Europe, but control of immigration too. However settled, this view has failed to deter the bad losers: those who have neither the desire nor the capacity to recover from last year’s defeat, and who now exhibit a perverse schadenfreude at every opportunity that presents itself — such as the threats and slights that still emanate from continental capitals and Eurocrats about Brexit.  

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November 23rd, 2017
9:11 AM
In his Budget Mr Hammond studiously avoided mentioning the number of council houses to be built and where. Nobody expects the Tories to even deliver on the too little of their too little too late. The Budget as the dying words of the Tory Party?

November 16th, 2017
3:11 PM
The Labour Party gives us good reasons to vote Labour. And now so does the Tory Party. The Tories can`t even rehouse the survivors of Grenfell Towers. The Nasty Party is now the Evil Party (as in Hannah Arendt`s `the banality of evil`). The Tories think building council houses is a Bolshevik plot. So Thatcher sold them. May has the same anti-Russian paranoia. The `pussy riot` campaign in Messminster against the sexists and misogynists in all parties is the only sign of life in the place. The Bolsheviks were also the first feminists. And Brexit is now a Bolshevik plot. 17.4 million Bolshevik Brexiteers in the UK? The American rich are also big philanthropists. The Brit rich are the most anal,stingy and poncy in civilisation. Is the current ruling class doomed ? For the first time in history a female, feminist leader of the Labour Party is now possible. This is also what Brexit now means.It`s bongo (or Bono) to claim Ringo is wrongo for being pro-Brexit . No one should ever vote Tory again. The Remainers lost but they can still vote Labour and get what`s needed for a civilised society.

May 10th, 2017
1:05 PM
Nobody in politics or the mainstream media can even mention enantiodromia (easily googled) or the quantum physics of this general election and it`s 21st century scientific materialism. Theresa May called the election but the 17.4 million Vote Leavers caused it. The Remainers would still have Cameron as PM ,austerity economics and more cuts and no election on June 8. Since the glorious,chaotic dawn of the Brexiteers magnificent victory 12 months ago (all our own work and no thanks to May or Corbyn at the time as they both voted Remain ) the world has been shocked . A quantum feminism (easily googled) now exists. It won`t be in anyone`s manifesto. Labour`s bullet points could turn silver. And global. The USA Democrats fatal mistake was in negating their Bernie Sanders. A landslide victory for Labour is entirely possible now. All credit to Theresa May for being the best Tory PM but my vote is going to Labour.

Graham Richards
May 5th, 2017
7:05 AM
Your headline is as deceptive as any MSM publication. Half a dozen words about PM May then it's time to denigrate President Trump. You are a disapppointment. He's not perfect but certainly 1000% better than The Muslim in Chief, Obama. In 100 days he achieved more than Obama &Bush did in their 16 years of destructive policies. The GOP will be in power for the next 20 years so suck it up mate!

April 27th, 2017
12:04 PM
Labour`s message of creating a million new homes could also see them winning. Churchill lost the election after WW2. When the Queen dies so will the monarchy. Julie Burchill is right again. It took Brexit to make Labour get specific on the future of the NHS and Housing. Brexit continues to be marvellous for both main parties but Labour lacks any appreciation of it.

April 26th, 2017
8:04 PM
Theresa May`s stroke of genius is enhanced by Angela Merkel`s masterstroke in taking Ivanka Trump seriously. The pics of the summit are remarkable (Sun,BBC etc ) and Ivanka is clearly articulate and expressive. If Theresa May has no intention of grants not loans for student nurses it could see Labour winning.

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