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Come back, America: After Paris, the West
needs its sheriff to walk tall once again
Bret Stephens, Amir Taheri, Alexander Woolfson, Emanuele Ottolenghi, Douglas Murray, Amichai Magen and Daniel Johnson

Kitchen wars: Nigella versus Jamie

Catherine Brown: Reader, I married him
John Ware: Deradicalisation and Israel
Ben Judah: Revolution in the Highlands

Paul Johnson/Laura Freeman/Dominic Lawson/Norman Lebrecht
Daisy Dunn/Hugh Thomas/Anne McElvoy/Michael Mosbacher
Maureen Lipman/Spike Vrusho Sarah Johnson/Christopher Fildes
Tim Congdon/Jeffrey Greggs/John Torode/Edward Lucas/Marina Gerner
Tibor Fischer/Nick Cohen/Anna Aslanyan/Michael Prodger/Frankie McCoy

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