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A spectre is haunting Europe. Nick Cohen, Maryam Ahmed and Daniel Johnson on Jeremy Corbyn and the useful idiots

Douglas Murray: How pleasant to meet Mr Corbyn
David Ekserdjian revisits Leonardo
Paul Johnson: The rise of Dr Kissinger
Nigel Biggar: Scotland under Sturgeon

Laura Freeman/Inna Lazareva/Julie Bindel/Hugh Thomas/Lisa Hilton
Dominic Lawson/Terence Kealey/Frankie McCoy/Maureen Lipman
Christopher Fildes/Alexander Woolfson/Michael Pinto-Duschinsky
Daisy Dunn/Norman Lebrecht/Neil Darbyshire/Flora Neville/Derwent May
Clovis Meath Baker/Marina Gerner/Tim Congdon/Bruce Cole/Peter Whittle

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