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Cameron has a task fit for an Iron Duke: taking on Brussels and the BBC, say  Stephen Glover and Daniel Johnson

Plus: The election and its fallout

Nick Cohen, Douglas Murray, Michael Mosbacher, Robert Peal, Frankie McCoy, Tim Congdon, Oliver Wiseman, Michael Pinto-Duschinsky

John Ware: London's rotten borough

Laetitia Strauch-Bonart: Perfidious Paris

 R.W. Johnson: South Africa's new Hitlers

Noel Malcolm/Lisa Hilton/Tibor Fischer/Maureen Lipman
Emanuele Ottolenghi/John Man/Anne McElvoy/Dominic Green
Daisy Dunn/Michael Prodger/Violet Hudson/Simon Heffer
Laura Freeman/Zareer Masani/Norman Lebrecht/
Alexander Woolfson/Constance Watson/Brendan Simms/Robert Low
Dominic Lawson/Patrick Heren/Piers Hellawell/Dan Hitchens


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