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Politics, religion and the quest for meaning: Douglas Murray, Eliza Filby, Julie Bindel, and James Mumford

Echoes of Antiquity: Alasdair Palmer & Daisy Dunn on ancient art

Iain Martin and Nick Cohen on the SNP

Adam Kirsch on Saul Bellow's century

Emanuele Ottolenghi: Obama's Iran folly

Maureen Lipman/C.P. Nield/George Walden/David Willetts/Anne McElvoy/David Herman Jonathan Neumann/Laura Freeman/Michael Pinto-Duschinsky/Angela Levin/Simon Heffer Lisa Hilton/James Bloodworth/Frankie McCoy/Dominic Lawson/Laetitia Strauch-Bonart Derwent May/Oliver Wiseman/Mara Delius/Christopher Fildes/Kenneth Baker/James Kelly



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