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Facing up to Islam

The extremists are winning the battle for hearts and minds of Muslims, warns Douglas Murray

Spot the fundamentalist—Richard Dawkins or C.S. Lewis? 

Gisela Stuart: Who is Angela Merkel?

Nicholas de Lange: Scama's Judaica

Lionel Shriver and Mara Delius return

Patrick Heren/Peter Oppenheimer/Jacob Willer/Laura Keynes/H.R. Woudhuysen/Ben Judah/Judith Wolfe/Andrew Gimson/Anne McElvoy/Tibor Fischer/Michael Coren/Irina Filatova/Christopher Fildes/Zareer Masani/Alev Scott/Simon Heffer/Laura Freeman/Michael Prodger/Dominic Lawson/Norman Lebrecht/Jessica Lambert/Peter Whittle/Emanuele Ottolenghi


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