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From Red Ed to Dizzy Mili

 Daniel Johnson debunks One Nation Labour 

Plus Andrew Gimson and Miriam Gross on the toxic legacy of Eric Hobsbawm 

Psychiatry special: Anorexia and Alzheimer's

Mark Littlewood: How Cameron can win

Lionel Shriver: Islam's silent majority

Tibor Fischer: Tom Wolfe is the greatest

Alasdair Palmer/Tim Montgomerie/Daisy Waugh/Adam Zamoyski/Andrew Roberts/Nick Cohen/J.M. Shaw/Douglas Murray/George Walden/Sarah Johnson/Jeremy Black/Myron Ebell/Joshua Rozenberg/Michael Burleigh/Anne McElvoy/Katharine Bergen/Jonathan Neumann/Peter Whittle/Jacob Willer/Tim Congdon/Dominic Lawson/Mara Delius/Norman Lebrecht


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