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WANTED: A leader for the West

Andrew Roberts, Daniel Johnson and Lionel Shriver on the US election

Autumn Books Special: Ian McEwan, Anne Applebaum and Will Gompertz

School Bully: Toby Young on Fiona Millar

Julie Bindel: Amsterdam's dirty secret

Andrew Gimson: The decline of oratory

David Womersley/Karen Horn/Paul Johnson/Joshua Rozenberg/Michael Pinto-Duschinsky/Edward Lucas/Oliver Lewis/John Cottingham/Laura Keynes/Eric Ormsby/Louis Amis/Eamon Duffy/Daisy Waugh/Jay Nordlinger/Anne McElvoy/David Conway/Simon Heffer/Jacob Willer/Douglas Murray/Anthony O'Hear/Katherine Bergen/Dominic Lawson/Nick Cohen

Charlie Malfleur
September 28th, 2012
12:09 AM
Long live Standpoint, the civilized man's Spectator! By the way, you realize, Sir, that in the "CAPTCHA" question posed to test if I am a human visitor, namely "What is the second word in the phrase "opuqu avo ixecig godohop uwoyowi" " You know, I assume, that "opuqu avo ixecig godohop uwoyowi" is a sentence, not a phrase?

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