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The Iron Laddie steals the show
Iain Martin on the rise and rise of Michael Gove

Plus: Simon HefferMatthew Hunter and Katharine Birbalsingh on classroom battles 

Edward Lucas calls time on Putin's reign

Stella Tillyard on the Queen of the Union

Hugh Thomas: Conquistadors of China

Frederic Raphael/Lionel Shriver/Giles MacDonogh/Jeremy Jennings/Andrew Roberts/Michael Heller/Anne McElvoy/Allan Massie/Daisy Waugh/Tim Congdon/Dominic Lawson/Anthony Julius/J.W.M. Thompson/Michael Burleigh/Norman Lebrecht/Kenneth Minogue/Douglas Murray/Mara Delius/Conrad Layser/Joseph Loconte/Jessica Mann/Nick Cohen/Clive James


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