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Party Lines
September 2008

It’s not really that important to us. Unlike for a lot of people.

Nor us. Because it’s a home first and foremost, isn’t it? Not an investment. Not a personal pension scheme. It’s a home. A place to cook Sunday lunch, play ball games, raise the kids .

People tend to forget that.

Everyone got so greedy.

Worse than greedy. They were obsessed! You’d go out to dinner and all anyone talked about was house values. It was obscene. You know, when there are so many lovely things to talk about, and all anyone had to say was “Number 25 just sold for 1.3”. I think it’s great what’s happening now. Might put some sense of proportion back. Don’t you agree?

And the prices people were paying... When you think how much a Chinaman probably earns in an entire month.

Never mind the Chinamen. What about the nurses? And the teachers? The people who – what do they call them? – essential workers, or something.

Core … Contributors. Core contributors?

Fireman and people . Fire personnel, or whatever we’re supposed to say nowadays.

Right. And Tube drivers.

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