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September Issue Out Now
September 2011

Return of an old hatred: Jews no longer feel at home in France, says Christopher Caldwell

Iain Martin: Cameron's big opportunity 

Jonathan Sacks: The real legacy of 9/11

Katharine Birbalsingh: Lessons for looters

Culture & Anarchy: Simon Heffer's new column

Lionel Shriver/Ian Kershaw/Tibor Fischer/Tim Congdon/Anne McElvoy/Peter Whittle/Geoffrey Owen/David Womersley/Daisy Waugh/Jeremy Jennings/Douglas Murray/Dominic Lawson/Mara Delius/Jonathan Foreman/Jessica Duchen/John Cottingham/Nick Cohen/Michael Burleigh/Emanuele Ottolenghi/David Free/Joshua Rozenberg


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