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Party Lines
September 2011


Ooh I say! Get you, darling! Have you been out looting?

I beg your pardon?

New boots! New coat! New sweater! New bag, if I'm not mistaken...

You're very sharp this morning, Annie.

Looking scrumpt-elicous, if I may say so. Why, why, why methinks! Got a new lover?

Not funny, Annie. And, no, I haven't got a new lover. And no! Thank you very much. I have certainly not been "looting". I've been "shopping". Remember that...quaint little old custom? When there's a sales assistant and a till...And everything...Call me old-fashioned, but everything you see before you, I paid for, with my own fair hand.

Yeah, yeah...that's what they're all saying!

Again. Not funny. And actually, sweetie, can I correct you? It's what the looters would be saying if such "people" actually knew how to talk. Which they don't,  because they're animals. Nothing more and nothing less. And if anyone else comes up to me and starts telling it's the "fault of society" I swear I shall skin them alive!

Oh. I'm with you there, Lucy. Skin the rioters too, while you're at it. You'd be doing us all a favour.

It's the lack of respect — isn't it? — the absolute lack of respect. A friend of mine was actually in the Ledbury —

When it happened?

No! God no — thank God. The night before. But even so. You know. It sort of brings it home, doesn't it?

Absolutely it does! You just don't expect...

Well no. One tends to expect to find animals in the farmyard, doesn't one?

Hahaha! Touché!

I wish I could laugh about  it...But I keep thinking of all the public money we pour down their  good-for-nothing throats...Like geese — almost, when they're making the foie gras...Nothing seems to be enough...

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