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Jessica Duchen
Friday 21st January 2011
Friday Historical: Menuhin and Kentner play Schubert

There is nobody like Schubert. There was nobody like Menuhin. There was no pianist like Kentner. So, just because we can, just for the sake of incredible music and musicianship, here they are. For some reason the usual 'embed' code isn't working here at present, but just link through to Youtube, and there you should find the other three parts of the Fantasy in C major pop up too.


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September 29th, 2011
10:09 PM
Beautiful performance! Thank you for the link.

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Jessica Duchen is a music journalist and the author of four novels, two biographies and several stage works. She writes regularly for The Independent and BBC Music Magazine. Her latest novel, Songs of Triumphant Love, is published by Hodder.

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