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Jessica Duchen
Friday 14th January 2011
Musical Phoenix...
My piece from today's Independent on how the piano recital is constantly rejuvenated by rugged individualists, from Glenn Gould to James Rhodes. Plus a selection of the best young pianists to watch out for.
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Michael G Moore
January 17th, 2011
12:01 PM
Hi Jessica, i really enjoyed your article in Friday's Independant on the the new wave of classical pianists. Your words made me want to talk to you about the work im doing. My name is Michael im 25 and I am a self taught piano player making a pretty successful living in London's piano bars. Although not playing classical music, the similarities between the "communication of my love for the music", the "passion" and a search for a "new genuine musical response", are such that i would love for you to come and see me play. I really felt like you could have writing about me. The audiences of these packed piano bars are not coming for a recital and rather, get a live gig experience, everything coming from me and piano, where the back and forth between them audience and myself is essential. This is pop and rock stuff, and i know this isn't really you're area of normal journalistic work...but this isn't piano playing in the way maybe Chris Martin does his work or Mika, but more your Jamie Cullum's or Ben Folds (who bares a striking resemblance to James Rhodes i think). I am fully involved with my piano and it's just me and it doing all the work, getting the most out of new and old songs, sometimes giving the old ones brand new life. The bar i play at on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights (9-12) is called Piano Kensington, on High Street Kensington. It would be the most amazing thing if you could pop in and see sometime what it is that im doing there...maybe there is just another little piano superstar tucked away in there too. Thankyou Michael Moore

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Jessica Duchen is a music journalist and the author of four novels, two biographies and several stage works. She writes regularly for The Independent and BBC Music Magazine. Her latest novel, Songs of Triumphant Love, is published by Hodder.

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