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Jessica Duchen
Tuesday 16th November 2010
Five stars for Fauré

My review of the first concert in Steven Isserlis's French chamber music series is in the Independent today.

I was amused by my unfortunate friend at The Arts Desk who dissed the concert because he doesn't 'get' Fauré and thinks this music is only for drippy types who eat yogurt, vote Lib Dem and faint a lot. Their site seems to have rejected my recipe for home-made yogurt. Wouldn't life be boring if we all had exactly the same reactions to music?

While we're doing daft stereotypes, here are some more to have fun with.

Handel - for financially high-flying, emotionally repressed fanatics who will listen to nothing else yet remain stubbornly convinced that he was English and that he would have liked hearing his work performed with an orchestra of two-and-a-half plus a choir of 300 in the Albert Hall.

Bruckner - dysfunctional blokes in smelly anoraks who may have interesting surfing habits at their computers.

Johann Strauss - desperate housewives who fancy Andre Rieu, vote Tory because their dads did and hit the bottle daily at 5.59pm.

Monteverdi - alfalfa sprouts, sandals with socks, probably vote Labour under the staunch misapprehension that it is left-wing.

Wagner - well, you know who people think Wagner is for.

Got any more?










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November 16th, 2010
9:11 PM
Schoenberg - ageing sociologists who still admire Che Guevara and think of themselves as 'counter-cultrual' JS Bach - Stuffy music students Stockhausen - Avante Guarde Islington-dwelling guardianistas who really ought to be sterilised

November 16th, 2010
6:11 PM
Well just as x+y=z may have an infinite number of solutions, then one mans stereotype is another mans wheelie bin, but here goes ... Charles Ives, Philosophical communist, good at DIY and backwoods living, may enjoy the night. Villa-lobos, Polymath, smoker especially in restaurants, loud, enjoys crowds.

November 16th, 2010
10:11 AM
Well, I'm with you on that one, Jessica - the views of Mr ITL are not my own in this case. At least he started out by admitting it was a blind spot. Ain't got no soul, though, if he doesn't get the Faure chamber works. Though I won't start on my own Korngold blindspot... Anyway, for some reason your examples remind me of a patronising colleague who once patted me on the head about my adoration of R Strauss and said 'you'll grow out of it'. I haven't, and in the meantime he seems to have grown back into it...

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