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Jessica Duchen
Thursday 14th January 2010
Musical Snowballs: the answers

Here are the answers to yesterday's Musical Snowballs quiz, as promised. And, appropriate, the snow has melted (at least where I am).

1. Which composer's music was once described as 'a pink bonbon filled with snow?' And which composer described it that way? Grieg's music. Culprit: Debussy.

2.  In which ballet score do we meet the Winter Fairy, and who wrote it? Cinderella, by Prokofiev

3. To whose music is the ballet Les Patineurs set? If you want to be clever, you can add the name of the choreographer whose version is currently at Covent Garden. Music by Meyerbeer. Choreography by Frederick Ashton.

4.  Which composer wrote Der Schneemann? And how old was he at the time (the composer, not the snowman)? Composer: Erich Wolfgang Korngold. Age: 11.

5. What is the title of the January piece from Tchaikovsky's The Seasons? 'At the Fireside'.

6. Which baritone is thought to have made the first-ever recording of Schubert's Winterreise, and in what year? Hans Duhan (baritone) with Ferdinand Foll & Lene Orthmann (pianists). 1928.

7. Where will you find ‘Des pas sur la neige'? In Debussy's Preludes for piano, book 1, in which it is no.6.

8. Which British arts administrator is now general director of the Opéra National du Rhin in Strasbourg? Nicholas Snowman.

9. Name two Russian composers inspired by The Snow Maiden and one inspired by The Snow Queen. Snow Maiden: Tchaikovsky (incidental music), Rimsky-Korsakov (opera); Snow Queen: Prokofiev.

10. What is Spring Torrents? A song by Rachmaninov, his Op.14 no. 11, with text by Feodor Tyutchyev. 

Bravo, all!

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