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Running the Country
July/August 2009

We were only having a giggle really...

It's how all great ideas begin.

Very true.

So go on. I'm on tenterhooks!

Well, I was saying to Tim — we were talking about the litter, actually. One of these days some kid's going to step on a syringe and they'll get HIV — it's what I said to the lady at the council. But — was she interested?

Of course not. What's the big plan?

I was saying to Tim...and then it sort of evolved into a big, old moan about how we pay all these taxes, but nothing ever gets done...

Too busy...

Fiddling expenses. That's right. So I said to Timmie — If you want a job done properly, be it running the country or picking up litter — you're better off doing the thing yourself.

Afraid so.

And he said: "Well, why don't you then?"

Pick up the litter? Bit rude.

No! Run the country, you dildo!

Oh. Bloody rude, then.

Rude? I don't think so...

Sorry to be dense, sweetie. But I'm not quite understanding...

Well, you've read about Esther Rantzen?

What about her?

And that guy, who used to go around with the white suit — What was his name? 

God knows.

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