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September 2017

Freedom and democracy are under threat and the West’s response is increasingly feeble. Who is prepared to defend our fundamental values?
On both sides of the Atlantic, the memory of Winston Churchill is always kept bright. What would Churchill be advising us today? Though he never even studied at a university, let alone wrote a work of political thought, Churchill had very definite ideas about the principles for which the West should stand. His biographer, the late Sir Martin Gilbert, distilled these ideas into a series of lectures at the British Academy in 1980, later published as Churchill’s Political Philosophy. Gilbert summarised this “supremely simple” philosophy thus: “It was based on the preservation and protection of individual freedom and a decent way of life, if necessary by State aid and power; on the protection of the individual against the misuse of State power; on the pursuit of political compromise and the middle way, in order both to maintain and to improve the framework of Parliamentary democracy; on the protection of small States against the aggression of more powerful States; and on the linking together of all democratic States to protect themselves from the curse and calamity of war.”
Our theatre is amongst the best in the world, but prone to cheap, jarring adaptations. Classical texts, like music, should be respected
Roger Scruton introduces Syrian architect and author Marwa al-Sabouni's analysis of the root cause of the Syrian Civil War
The roots of the civil war are not just sectarian. Neighbourhoods were broken up by well-meaning Westerners long before the present conflict