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October 2016

Hillary Clinton may manage to knock Humpty Trumpty off his wall, but who will put the United States back together again?  
East Anglia is not, perhaps, an obvious place to assess the American vote this autumn, but back in the UK on a brief trip, I noticed that the small section in a Norwich bookshop dedicated to the US presidential election featured almost nothing on Hillary Clinton. Donald Trump was represented by a series of biographies, exposés, comics and even colouring books. Few, if any, were admiring, but they crowded the Clintonware out. As so often, Hillary had been reduced to a grey blur (to borrow one Menshevik’s unwise description of Stalin), barely visible against the madcap backdrop of Trump’s trickster parade.
Who governs America matters to every citizen of the world. Yet a bigoted demagogue stands a real chance of being elected President
The vote to leave the EU has provided an unprecedented opening to reshape the UK’s future, but spells danger for Corbyn’s Labour Party
The great statesman and orator traced the disintegration of the Republic to Rome’s desperate lack of principled leadership
The magnificent palazzo where Disraeli’s Young England group used to gather is long gone, but its grounds have now been restored