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Could the Donald be a Ronald?

What the Trump era means for America — and the world

Paul Johnson, Andrew Stuttaford, David Goldman, Douglas Murray,
Laszlo Solymar, Maureen Lipman and Daniel Johnson

Plus: Ben Judah on America’s forgotten man, Tim Congdon on Russia,
Oliver Wiseman and Michael Mosbacher on Brexit

Jonathan Gaisman:
Justice for judges
Charles Saumarez Smith: Faith in art
Julie Bindel: Give that woman a whisky

John Mills/Catherine Brown/David Herman/Marina Gerner/David Wootton
Jeffrey Meyers/Amichai Magen/Dominic Lawson/Michael Pinto-Duschinsky
Jacob Willer/Anne McElvoy Jeremy Jennings/Jonathan Neumann
Caroline Potter/John Torode/Laetitia Strauch-Bonart
Jim Denham
November 23rd, 2016
10:11 PM
So, Standpoint urges us to give Trump the "benefit of the doubt"; so much for all the dire warnings about the Putin threat and Obama and the "EU elite"'s reluctance to confront him. So much for the evocations of "Western civilisation" and basic democratic norms. What a craven sell-out, apparently because "several American contributors to Standpoint ... are close to or even part of the new administration." I note that your execrable pro-Trump editorial closes with an appeal for funds. You will not be receiving any from me. In fact, please cancel my subscription.

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