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The independence of the judiciary will also be undermined. Nominees to the Supreme Court will be Trump’s cronies. But he will do more. He will interfere with the election of judges. A judge denounced will never have life insurance approved by any insurance company. Freedom of assembly will also be threatened. Consistent anti-Trump rallies will be broken up by thugs while the police will look the other way.

What will be Trump’s foreign policy? He said that he will make Europe pay for American protection. Even if he does not make that immediate claim, he will not be interested in strengthening Nato. He will let Nato wither away. He wants Europe to be weak. He will support all movements which want to break up the European Union. He will support Marine Le Pen in France and the Alternative for Germany (AfD) in Germany. In that he will be in perfect agreement with President Putin. Why have two centres of power in Europe? One is plenty and it is much better for stability.

It is then logical to have an early meeting with Putin. They both think in a similar way. They are both bullies who want to rule the world, but they realise that they are not strong enough to achieve that. They will make a compromise, a historic compromise: divide the world between them as it was once done by Ribbentrop and Molotov. What does Putin want? To restore the Soviet Empire. In particular he wants the annexation of Crimea recognised. He might be willing to compromise on the two rebel-held areas in eastern Ukraine, perhaps keeping one and giving the other back to Ukraine, in exchange for having land access to Crimea. And of course Putin would want to have land access to the Kaliningrad Oblast (once East Prussia) as well. A modest request. Unfortunately the Baltic states are in the way. So the solution is the return of the Baltic states to the bosom of Russia (which thinks they obtained their independence by illegal means, anyway). Of course, this will not be openly said. It might be contained in a secret clause to the joint declaration by Trump and Putin.

On Eastern Europe, Trump will understand Putin’s desire to have some buffer states. He will let the Russians Finlandise the old Soviet satellites, Poland, the Czech Republic, Romania and Hungary. Putin, just to show his moderation, will not claim East Germany in spite of the fact that he had his best years there. The Stasi is one of his fondest memories. Putin will also think of Western Europe. He will offer oil for neutrality, a kind of semi-Finlandisation.

What can Putin offer to Trump? A reversal of the Russian propaganda against the United States. That will be welcome — but what else? He will be willing to respect the Monroe Doctrine brought conveniently up to date: America is for the Americans. He will not mind US military intervention in some of the states in South and Central America that have been hostile to the US: Cuba, Venezuela, Ecuador and Nicaragua, just to mention the principal sinners. He would condone American intervention in other Latin American states too, although his advice to President Trump will be not to hurry things. Wait for the right opportunity, he would advise.

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Leon Haller
April 24th, 2017
11:04 AM
This is the worst article I have ever read at SP - unless it is farce, in which case it does mimic the weirdness of neocons and RINOs very well.

Alex from Ireland
January 18th, 2017
5:01 PM
I'm amazed a for-sale print magazine would publish this, lmao. I know 9 year olds who can play the role of ever-victim, supposition-spitting, fear-monger better. Politics aside, this is just a bad article. Good luck these next 8 years, pal. Maybe you can do some growing up between now and then.

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