A turning point for moderate Islam

In an age of stark ideological cleavages, Muslims are living through a battle of ideas over the meaning of religion in the modern world

El pibe de oro — the golden kid

The life of Diego Maradona epitomised the working-class soul of Argentinian football and mirrored the country he loved

Don’t fear the Reaper

We have become reluctant to accept death as an integral part of life. Perhaps coronavirus will give us a more realistic attitude to mortality

Is the CCP guilty of crimes against humanity?

The religion, education, culture and language of China’s ethnic minorities are being forcibly constrained and changed

Emulate Australia? It’s not that easy

Many countries want to imitate Australia’s success. But its values and governance are eccentric—and may not travel

The cult on Pennsylvania Avenue

A peculiar organisation is peddling exotic conspiracy theories about Joe Biden’s electoral win — but the Larouchians have long attempted to bend reality

Why decriminalisation could work for the UK

More and more jurisdictions are decriminalising drugs. The policy may appear radical but it is a pragmatic response to help the most vulnerable

Hibernating with Mary and Helène

The work of the great Jewish artist Helène Aylon, who died earlier this year, will help me in my seasonal contemplation of birth, death and resurrection

War and truce in Nagorno-Karabakh

The conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan has global significance, not least because of its powerful backers: Russia and Turkey

Europe and the Macron Doctrine

The French president’s grand international strategy is founded on one questionable premise: the coherence and solidity of the EU

Underrated: Abroad

The ravenous longing for the infinite possibilities of “otherwhere”

The king of cakes

"Yuletide revels were designed to see you through the dark days — and how dark they seem today"